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Beetroot Soup by Florence George, 1908

1 lb cooked beetroot
2 oz celery
2 oz onion
1 oz carrot
1 oz butter
pint water
1 pints milk
2 oz flour

Cut the beetroot into small pieces, and cook with the other vegetables in the butter for five minutes. Add the water, and cook for thirty minutes. Remove the onion, celery, and carrot, and rub the beetroot through a hair-sieve. Mix the flour smoothly with a little milk, and boil the rest. Stir in the flour, and cook for ten minutes. Add the beetroot; boil up. Season and serve.

Hotch Potch by Job Caudwell, 1865

Turnips 4; carrots 1lb; onion 1; lettuce; parsley.

Put 4 quarts of water into a pan, set it on the fire and put in the carrots and turnips, part of which must be grated, and the remainder cut in small square pieces with the other vegetables, cut small. Season with pepper and salt, and let all boil very well together slowly. Young green peas may be added, part of them to be put in with the other vegetables, and the remainder an hour before the soup is ready.