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Early Vegetarian Recipes is a comprehensive collection of recipes from over 20 food writers.  Here are a few tasters from the book.


POTATO SALAD in Vegetarian Cookery by a Lady 1866

Cut cold boiled potatoes in rather thin slices; put them into a salad bowl, with a tea-spoonful of chopped parsley, half a teaspoonful of eschalots (shallots) cut very fine, two table-spoonfuls of oil, two of cream, and two of vinegar; season with a little pepper and salt, and toss all carefully together without breaking the potatoes.  Cold haricot beans, French beans, and lentils may be used in the same way.

BEETROOT AND CELERY SALAD by Florence George 1908

lb cooked beetroot

lb celery (best part only)

2 tblsp cream

1 tbls vinegar

 Cut the beetroot into dice, and the celery into small pieces.  Mix the cream and vinegar together, and add to the celery and beetroot.  Mix well, and place in a salad bowl.  Garnish with tips of the celery.  This is a very nice winter salad, and is specially good served with potatoes baked in their skins.