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Vegetable Dishes

SWEDE PUDDING by Mary Pope1893 

Wash, brush and peel a fine swede turnip and scrape the same weight of carrots. Cut into slices and blanch them.  Then throw all into boiling water and boil until tender.  Mash them perfectly smooth by rubbing through a sieve; add pepper, salt, and a good sized lump of butter with a pinch of castor sugar.  When will mixed and smooth add one or two beaten eggs and a handful of brown breadcrumbs.  Fill a large well mould; cover the mould with parchment paper and stand it in water in a baking tin.  Cook in a moderate oven for one hour.  Turn out and fill the centre with hot mashed potatoes, or with boiled red haricots that have been sautéed with butter.  Serve with bechamel sauce.


BAKED VEGETABLE MARROW WITH ONIONS AND SAGE in Vegetarian Cookery by a Lady 1866

Pare and cut in two a good-sized marrow; scrape out the seeds and fibres; rub the marrow over inside and out with a little salt; let it drain an hour; fill up the halves with onions, previously boiled a little, and chopped with some sage; add a little butter, pepper, and salt; close them and tie together with a little twine; butter a dish, and bake in a moderately hot oven; if not nicely browned, dredge it with a little flour, brown it in a Dutch or American oven before the fire, and serve with brown sauce.

The marrows maybe prepared in the same way, using forcemeat instead of onions and sage.