"The quintessential historical vegetarian recipe book - a must read for all foodies"
Christine Tilbury, The Vegetarian


"A tasty bit of veg history" - Vegetarian Times


With recipes dating from 1691 up to 1914, 'Early Vegetarian Recipes' explores what life was like for vegetarians and food reformers in the days before veggie sausages were readily available.  Recipes from 20 writers are included, and it would be hard to imagine today's explosion in vegetarian ingredients, ready meals and restaurant options without these inspirational men and women.


With a limited range of ingredients to choose from, the recipes rely on inventiveness, eating with the seasons and a spirit of making full use of whatever is around.  This collection is comprehensive, ranging from simple ways of eating the humble vegetable, to surprising recipes for curries, polenta and pine kernels.  Also included are menus and meal plans from real events, including a full chapter on Christmas Dinner, as well as an excellent glossary of early cooking terms.


"If you've ever wondered what our forebears ate, this book has the answers" - Christine Tilbury, The Vegetarian